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Is It A Good Time To Sell Your Home?

As a Real Estate Agent, I hear the question “is it a good time to sell my home?” most often from people looking to downsize or make a calculated move. With all of the information bombarding them from the internet, the news, and their peers, sellers never truly know what facts and figures are the most accurate and up-to-date. Is it a seller’s market? Is it a buyer’s market?

My answer to these questions is always this: It doesn’t matter! It’s time to list, right now!

There are pre-approved buyers just begging for your home to come on the market. Whether your home is updated, outdated, or has some quirky personal upgrades, we can get your home sold now. I work with buyers every day and I am here to say… even right after the holidays is a great time to list your home. You shouldn’t hesitate to get your home on the market in January or February. Buyers who are taking time to face ice, snow, and dreary weather are serious. They know what they can afford and are ready to preview your home. While buyers may know their price range and are eager to find the right property, as a seller it is in your best interest to seek out an experienced agent who can guide you to the right listing price based on what your home and home’s location have to offer.

It pays to have your local real estate expert take a walk through your home before you think your ready to get it on the market. A fresh coat of paint, carpet cleaning, and de-cluttering can also do wonders for your sale price. In a few instances, your realtor may suggest a few updates like redoing counter tops or adding new lighting to really reel in interested purchasers. Buyers understand that you live in your home with a busy schedule, kids, and animal chaos that goes with it, however we want buyers to be able to look past your personal life to see their future in your space. Removing personal photos, hand drawn pictures, and collectibles is an easy way to make the home look clean and neutrally decorated and will help buyers envision the space for their needs. The goal is to have a well maintained home that looks loved.

My goal is to get better than market value for ALL of my clients that have me list their homes for sale. The rate of return for a clean, well maintained, and updated home is huge. By making a few changes before listing one of my client’s homes, they got more than $75,000 higher than we could have sold the property for ‘as is’. If you’re ready to move, let me help you prepare for the sale of your beautiful home. Plus, a home market analysis is FREE. Let’s begin 2020 with a bang.

Written by Stephanie Sacco. Stephanie Sacco is a Metro Detroit realtor with Michigan Power Brokers who specializes in Residential Real Estate. If you would like to get in contact with Stephanie, please reach out at 248-229-4523 or CLICK HERE.

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