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Italian Bruschetta Appetizer Recipe

I have been asked to make this recipe for every holiday gathering for years! I decided to share this delicious creation with anyone looking for an amazing new holiday appetizer. You will wow all of your guests at your next holiday event. Make sure to eat one before passing them out! Trust me, they go fast! I also need to give a huge thank you Jake Pilot for creating and introducing me to this recipe. It has become our family and friend's favorite.


Replace the pepperoni with a vegan pepperoni and this will be at hit at your next open house as well!

Italian Bruschetta appetizer


1 loaf rustic Italian bread

3 cans petite diced tomatos

1 stick of pepperoni

1 block of Romano cheese 1 Bushel of fresh basil

Italian spices

Olive oil

Garlic powder


  1. Slice the bread into 1/2 or 1/3 inches slices depending on the size of the loaf. Place slices on a cookie sheet and brush on a mixture of olive oil and garlic powder. Broil for approximately 3 minutes until light brown. Repeat this process on the other side of the slices.

  2. Drain the tomatoes in a colander.

  3. Slice the pepperoni into 1/4 inch slices. Then, quarter each slice. Saute the pepperonis in a pan on medium heat until browned. Drain onto a plate lined with paper towel to absorb the grease.

  4. Grate Romano cheese into a bowl.

  5. Julianne the basil into thin slices.

  6. Assemble in layers! Bread on the bottom, then a scoop of tomatoes, pepperoni, cheese and then the basil on top.

THIS APPETIZER SHOULD BE MADE RIGHT BEFORE EATING! You can prepare some of it ahead of time, like the pepperonis, but don't put it in the fridge as the bread will get soggy. I can guarantee there will be no leftovers!!!

Enjoy :)

-Stephanie Sacco

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