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Let's Talk Lighting!

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Lighting creates a mood for every room in your home.

Most of our homes already come equipped with recessed, center fixture, or fluorescent ceiling lights. These light up the room for function, but who says that it has to be boring? Whether you like crystal pendants, oil lamp flames that flicker, or a traditional chandelier encompassed in a modern steel cage, lighting can be all about your personal style.

Let's imagine a model home for a moment:

Light fixtures are one element that architects place emphasis on to help "finish" the space in a model home. The correct scale of furniture and proper lighting pleases the eye of most buyers. Drawing attention to a tray ceiling, under cabinet lighting, or perfectly placed island pendants help to highlight the mood that lighting can create in a room. Similarly, adding hallway sconces or extra lighting in a closet helps illuminate those darker areas that don't have natural light. By combining all of these lighting elements together, it creates an inviting and warm space that helps to sell the model home.

Now that you know a little about how much lighting can impact your home, not only for resale but also to create the perfect mood, let's get started with choosing the best light fixture for your home.

  • First, try to find a medium that speaks to you: tinted glass, rustic metal, or crystal LED are all different types of material that your light fixture can be made from.

  • Then, imagine the size and shape of the pieces. Do you prefer oval, angular, or something with some organic movement?

  • The type of light bulb you choose can also help set the stage for a formal, relaxed or old world feel. Eclectic lighting designs help define your space as your own.

  • Buyers tend to feel a home is 'finished' when the lighting has been updated and personalized.

The next time you are ready to add your personal style in your home or make updates to help with resale value, make sure you remember to look up!

Written by Stephanie Sacco. Stephanie Sacco is a Metro Detroit realtor with Michigan Power Brokers who specializes in finding the perfect home for your next adventure. If you would like to get in contact with Stephanie, please reach out at 248-229-4523 or CLICK HERE.

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