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This Is How to Get Your Home Staged and Ready to Sell (On a Budget)

Selling a home can be stressful. However, with the potential payoff being so high, many homeowners find it’s worth DIY-ing home staging in preparation for the listing. Here’s how to stage your home, without a professional — or a steep invoice.

Find a Trustworthy Real Estate Professional

When preparing your home for sale, discuss your options with a knowledgeable real estate agent. An experienced agent who knows your neighborhood is the most qualified to guide you in ensuring your home appeals to buyers. An agent is also objective and can see your home through the eyes of an outsider — just as potential buyers will.

Figuring out whether to consult a real estate agent or realtor can seem complicated. Both are professionals with home sales knowledge, of course. But realtors also commit to a unique set of guidelines. You can also investigate an agent’s licensure to see if previous clients have made complaints. Either way, a real estate expert can add insight to your sales prep process.

Start Decluttering Room by Room

Decluttering can seem daunting, especially if you have lived in a home for many years. Belongings can easily pile up, and when it comes time to prepare to sell your home, there’s a lot of stuff to sort through. So, come up with a game plan before you begin, such as working room by room. Decide what to keep, what to sell, and what to store. By storing items you feel strongly about, you can go back and reconsider those items later.

For many homeowners, decluttering is a significant first step in getting ready to stage a home. When discarding excess stuff, you might feel quite a few strong emotions. But as Vitacost explains, decluttering can be excellent for your health as well. In addition to feeling less anxious, you may feel more confident and even peaceful afterward.

Depersonalize by Storing Items Out of Sight

When a potential buyer visits your home, they want to see themselves living there. Being able to picture their belongings in place of yours gives them an idea of whether the house is a good fit. The more personalized your home, the less room a buyer has to envision their future in it.

In general, putting away clothing, collectibles, family portraits, and other personal effects helps declutter and make the space more welcoming. Plus, removing furniture (to storage or your local donation facility) can make rooms feel larger and more open.

Pay Attention to Curb Appeal

According to Zillow, curb appeal is a crucial part of your home sales pitch. Curb appeal influences first impressions, which can make or break your eventual sale. Aim to keep the front yard well-groomed. For example, update paint and your mailbox, and even add foliage to the front walk or lawn to keep things crisp and fresh.

In our digital age, curb appeal is even more vital than ever before. With many home buyers searching for properties online, the first glimpse of your property can elicit strong reactions. To that end, the exterior (and interior) photos of your home showcase its appeal (or not).

Use Lighting to Your Advantage

Professional-quality photos are ideal when selling your home. But if a pro isn’t in your budget, you can use other tricks to capture appealing images for your property listing. Use natural light to your advantage, shooting your home at various points during the day.

By photographing your home bathed in natural light, you can show potential buyers the ambiance, even if they attend a viewing at a less than ideal time. Expert photography advice such as using flattering angles (especially in bathrooms) and cleaning thoroughly beforehand will result in a picture-perfect real estate listing.

Although many homeowners decide to pay a professional staging team, you can do without — and on a small budget. Rather than paying a staging company $4,000 or more, take matters into your own hands and keep things under cost.

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