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Tips for Selling Your Home This Winter

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Effective Tips for Selling Your Home This Winter

If you’re getting ready to relocate, there are few times more stressful than late fall and winter. Not only do you have the holidays to contend with, now you’ve got to make your home a showplace. That’s not always easy, even when you don’t have wrapping paper and Christmas lights everywhere. Here are some ideas to make the process a breeze.

Make a list and check it twice.

Cliche, yes, but this is no time to leave anything to chance. Make a list of all home repairs and updates that need to get done before you pop up the sale sign. This should encompass things big and small, including having the HVAC checked. A cold house is a huge turnoff to buyers when the weather outside is frightful. You’ll also want to do a perimeter sweep to make sure the outside is in as good of shape as the inside. Look for cracks in the brick and walkway, loose deck boards, and non-functioning lights. Remember, it gets dark early, so you’ll want to make sure your visitors can see.

Clear it out.

A clean house is a sellable house. Although you still have to live there, you must create the illusion of open space, says Jessica Santina of Quicken Loans. Keep only what is absolutely necessary, and pack up anything you are not likely to put your hands on for the next 90 days. Unused bedrooms should not be turned into storage areas. Plan on renting a self-storage unit and then look for a moving company to help you move your belongings safely.

Showcase the season.

Clearing out the clutter will make room for you to showcase the spirit of the season. If you have a fireplace, a few poinsettia plants next to it will make things feel festive for both you and anyone entering your home for a viewing. You will also want to pay attention to outdoor decor. Brighten things up with a few colorful pots and planters and classic holiday decorations, such as garland on the porch columns or a wreath on the door. Be careful, however, not to overdo it. A little sparkle won’t hurt, but too much will take away from what buyers are there to see in the first place, which is the home. Architectural Digest suggests adding a few subtle holiday touches throughout the home instead of dumping your entire box of decorations in a single room.

Make a cheerful open house.

An open house is an opportunity for people to come and go as they please, and a chance to look at the house without having to make an appointment. Typically held on Saturday or Sunday, an open house during the holidays should feel a bit like being home. A platter of fresh baked cookies, a hot chocolate bar, and background holiday music will help potential buyers envision themselves hanging by your hearth the next time Christmas rolls around.

Keep it clean.

We have saved the most difficult for last. Keeping your home clean throughout the year is a challenge, and it is especially so during the holidays. Things get compounded even further when you have children. But, keep it clean you must. Since you cannot get rid of everything, look for places to stash items when your realtor calls for a last-minute showing. This might be a storage bin in the garage or, if you are lucky enough to have a deep closet, a container hiding behind coats and clothing.

Buying and selling a home throughout the holidays is not without its stressful moments. But if you take the time to get rid of everything that is not essential to the season or the everyday operation of your family, you can get through it with no fuss and no mess.

Written By: Suzie Wilson ⎸info@happierhome.netHappier Home

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